Update covid19-restrictions and save the date: db9

As of 13 November all horeca in the Netherlands is closed as of 20h. Make sure you order your pizza on time! You can do so upon entry by placing your order incl. the moment you like to have your pizza served (before 20h). We make sure your pizza is served at the agreed timeslot. All consumptions must be consumed whilst you’re seated at the terrace according to the new restrictions. We all can live with that can’t we?

The good news still is that indoor sports are still open and you don’t have to give up on bouldering like you had to in previous lockdowns. We sure hope these restrictions can be lifted a bit next month. We have a db9 scheduled for you on Friday 10 December and are looking forward to the next press conference of Friday 3 December. Put the db9 in your schedule and we’ll publish asap after the next press conference what the competition details will be. Chances are we (still) cannot have public/supporters in.

So, small reminder what all the restrictions involve for you now: Booking via Toplogger is still mandatory, and so is showing your QR and valid ID.

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