CoronaToegangsBewijs and Bleau Yoga

In the press conference of 2 November it has been announced that a CoronaToegangsBewijs (CTB) is mandatory to gain access to all indoor sport facilities per Sa 6 November. As of that moment this applies to all climbing-and bouldergyms in the Netherlands. Everyone age 18 and older has to show either a QR-code, a proof of Covid-19 recovery or a proof of negative covid-19 test (max 24h old). Wearing a facemask is not mandatory.

In the days prior to the press conference the Branchevereniging KlimSport has done everything possible – together with various sport federations – to avoid the closing down of indoor sport facilities. We are very happy they have succeeded and we do hope you’re happy too!
It’s still quite busy during the evenings, we’re fully booked most evenings. This is why we stick to bookings via Toplogger as it’s the only way to regulate the crowd. For timeslots Monday to Thursday 12-16h it’s not mandatory to make a booking, but it’s highly appreciated by those who’d like to avoid a crowd. This is why your booking (Mo-Th 12-16h) does not effect the max. of 3 bookings one is allowed to make.

And speaking of being happy…we’re happy to announce that Bleau Yoga restarts per Sa 4 December. We start with a small group of max 4. persons and if space and interest match we hope to extend to 6 persons. You can book your yoga session via Toplogger.


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