Update Covid-19 restrictions per 28 november

Not all details are fully known yet, but we do know we, just as all other indoor sports locations, have to close our doors everyday at 17:00h. At this moment in time it’s not yet clear whether or not the number of visitors will be limited again. If the 1.5m distance rule has to be re-applied we will have to adjust some of the timeslots. Unfortunately the Government hasn’t yet updated all the protocols, so there’s a conflict in interpretation now.

The good news remains that indoor sports are still open and you don’t have to give up on bouldering like you had to in previous lockdowns. Starting Monday 29 November we, to compensatie the lost hours a it, will temporarily open at 8:00 on weekdays and 9:00 in the week-ends.  As our gym is thoroughly cleaned every morning in the early hours, we cannot open earlier than 8:00. Our cleaning team has obligations elsewhere in the evening hours and can therefore not switch. So, the cleaning team still starts at 5:30 and leaves about 7:45. We open just a bit after that.

We sure hope these restrictions will have the desired effect and can be lifted a bit next month.

Because of this, the db9 we had planned on 10 December will be cancelled. All consumptions must still be consumed whilst you’re seated at the terrace according to the restrictions. We all can live with that can’t we?

So, small reminder what all the restrictions involve for you now: Booking via Toplogger is still mandatory, so is showing your QR and valid ID. And there’s also the restriction  of wearing a facemask upon entry and when leaving the gym.

When new information comes available, we will update this page accordingly.

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