Bleau Yoga

Yoga for climbers on the Saturday morning (10.15-11.45h). The main focus of the course will be on strengthening the muscles around the major joints in order to increase flexibility and prevent injury. We will also be working on aligning the spine and increasing mobility of the spine.

Do we hear you thinking “shame, that’s something I can’t do as I’m not flexible at all”? Good news for you! You don’t have to be flexible or bendy to benefit from this training. In fact, if your hamstrings are really short you should join!

You can book a training via Toplogger. If you have a subscription this training costs you €12,50 (and a 10-times card gives you this discount as well), otherwise you pay €15. There’s a max of 8 persons.

Yogamats are available. Bringing your own yogamat and/or towel is an option too. Should you like to combine the yoga with a bouldering session please inform our staff accordingly. Bouldering fee is not included in the Bleau Yoga fee.