Bouldering with a group

According to the latest restrictions (5 June 2021) groups are allowed to sport together again!

Bouldering is a fun and challenging experience to do with friends or colleagues. We have over 200 boulders and you’ll always find some fit for you.

If you want to boulder with a group of 4 or less persons you don’t need to make a reservation other than a reservation via Toplogger. Our team will explain the safety rules and basic techniques and will be available should you have questions along the way. However, we do advise you to drop by at the quiet moments, either on weekdays before 19h or on a Saturday.

Should you like to boulder with a party of 5 persons or more it is mandatory to make a reservation (not just in Toplogger as you need to book an instructor). Depending on groups size and experience we’ll decide if and if so how many instructors are required. We’ll also look into the duration of the instruction, which will at least be 30 minutes, but with a maximum of 1 hour. The costs of an instructor are €35 per hour.

For clinics (business, schools, university) we offer the option to come over outside opening hours. Monday and Tuesday from 10-13h are reserved for you. If you’d like to visit us during opening hours your group can start until 16h on Mondays and Tuesdays and until 15.30h on Thursdays. We cannot host groups on any other day than Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. During the 2h clinic your instructor(s) will guide you for 1 hour, the 2nd hour the group continues on it’s own.