Schedule DBIYO

Saturday’s program:

8.30h gym & check-in opens for U14 & U16 (U18 & U20 cannot enter before 12h)
9.00h check-in closes
9.30h briefing U14 & U16
9.45h start competition for U14 & U16
12.45h end competition for U14 & U16
13.00h gym & check-in opens for U18 & U20
13.30h check-in closes for U18 & U20 & exit U14 & U16
14.00h briefing U18 & U20
14.15h start competition for U18 & U20
14.30h results U14 & U16 will be published
17.15h end competition for U18 & U20
17.45h exit U18 & U20
18.00h Gym closes (for setting the boulders for the finals and building up the stand)
19.00h results U18 & U20 will published

Finalists receive a mail at 19.30h at the latest

Sunday’s preliminary program*:
hall and isolation  open 9.30h for finalists part 1: male U14, females U14/U16/U18/U20
isolation finals part 1 closes 10h
briefing 10.10h
start finals part 1 10.30h
isolation open 13.30h for finalists part 2: males U16/U18/U20
eind finals part 1 14.00h
briefing 14.10h
start finals part 2 14.40h
end finals part 2 17h
Award ceremony all categories 17.25h
Gym closes 18h

*This time schedule still might change on the day of the finals in case of a technical incident, withdrawal of a finalist or when a different starting order is better for the competition

The IFSC semi finals format is applicable on Sunday. This means  5 minutes per boulder to solve the problem. The first climber has 5 minutes rest after the first boulder, during which 5 minutes the second climber tries to solve the problem. As climber 1 starts with boulder 2, climber 2 has 5 minutes rest while climber 3 starts with boulder 1. Etcetc.