Bouldering with kids

Bouldering is a sport in which one uses practically all muscles. Bouldering requires and improves the coordination between both eyes and hands as eyes and feet as feet and hands. Balance and subtile movement are important, skills that kids are developing rapidly in their early years.

Delfts Bleau has a white circuit which is especially set for children. Depending on eye/hand coordindation and focus bouldering is suitable for kids as of 5-6 years old. , but the biggest part of the circuit is suitable for children as of 6 years old. Has your child topped all the white problems? Cool, up to the next level! The dark green circuit, a.k.a. beginners circuit, has a lot of extra holds and is therefore also suitable for children. There’s enough to be done!

Children younger than 12 are not allowed to boulder by themselves. A one on one guidance by an adult (18 years or older) is required. If that adult doesn’t have any bouldering experience and doesn’t know how to spot the child we’re happy to explain the safety rules in order to get you started in a safe way.

Please note: we have rental shoes as of size 30. Are those happy little feet smaller, please bring a pair of clean indoor sportshoes along. Bouldering on socks is rather painfull and barefoot bouldering is not allowed.