db9XL is a special edition of our regular db9 comp and part of the DBIYO weekend. It is your only chance to climb the qualification boulders.

All 30 qualification boulders, graded from 5 to 7b+, are part of the db9XL and you get 9 attempts per boulder. The score is according the IFSC format, so your score depends on the number of tops, then the number of zones followed by the number of attempts for getting these tops and zones. You take care of your own score card and after topping your last boulder -or your last attempt- you hand in your score card.

This special db9XL starts right after the end of the qualification round of the DBIYO. The end of this round will be around 13.30h, the db9XL will start around 14h. If the number of participants to the DBIYO is quite high, the db9XL might start a bit later. After the closing of the registration Friday 15 March at midnight we can decide on the final programme.
The db9XL ends at 17.30h with award ceremony on 18h. Gym closes at 18.15h, that being the moment the qualification boulders will be taken out of the wall in order for the setting of the final boulders for the DBIYO.

Subscription holders and 10x card owners have free entrance (10x holders 1 strip) to compensate for 3 days of closure of the gym. If you don’t have any subscription form the entrance fee is €15. There’s no “free bouldering” this afternoon, the gym is exclusively open for competition the whole weekend, either for DBIYO or db9XL. Registration is  mandatory this time via good old TopLogger! No Toplogger account? Our team will help you out at the bar and will register you on the spot.

Make sure you don’t miss your chance on these 30 special boulders!