Welcome at Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau!

The name Delfts Bleau refers to Fontainebleau, the world’s Mecca for bouldering. This name is chosen because Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau has opportunities for everyone, just like in Fontainebleau. Whether you’re a beginner or a top boulderer, either way there are plenty of opportunities for fine bouldering.

Check out this page for the opening hours and here for the rates

Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau

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  • Extended lockdown - Unfortunately the message broadcasted in the press conference of 2 February wasn't the message we'd hoped for. It is what it is, let's hope we can meet again soon! Continue reading
  • Extended lockdown - The lockdown has been extended to at least 9 February. Unfortunately this means our doors will remain closed for a while longer. Continue reading
  • Lockdown - Prime Minister Rutte had a clear message Monday evening 14 December: the Netherlands is in lockdown as of 15 December and will be at least up and until 19 January 2021. All indoor sport facilities are closed, and so are we. Continue reading

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