db9 is the local competition of Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau! A competition with 14 brand new boulders graded 5 to 7b+ , with a maximum of 9 attempts to top each of them. Scoring is based on the IFSC format, where the number of tops, the number of zones and the number of attempts you needed to reach these tops and zones determine your score. You take care of filling out your score form your self and hand in this score form after finishing your last boulder. The next competition date is Friday evening 24 September.

As it’s our anniversary weekend as well as the weekend with the revised covid-19 restrictions you can join the competition either on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon. You join via booking a competition timeslot in Toplogger. The Saturday morning is exclusively reserved for Youth BCDE.

The competition boulders are spread out through the gym and you’ll find 20 of them, instead of the regular 14! As it’s been a while since there were boulder competitions we’re helping you out a bit. The competition boulders will be set in the well known circuit colors, so you won’t have to guess the level. There will also be 5 surprise boulders set in white, level unknown ; )
Don’t forget to hand in your score card. We’ll publish the winners names via this website and via our social media channels (FaceBook and Instagram).

The results of the previous editions are on the results page