Training and yoga try-out

Do you really want to improve this winterperiod, so you’re ready for your project as soon as the weather conditions are? Or just to move up a color to gain access to a new range of boulders?

Trainings for all levels start in November. For people who would like to have some more technique or who finally want to see the whole of the picture and are currently climbing at least level pink, there is  Bleau Technique. For the people who master the basic techniques sufficiently to climb the limes smoothly, but are lacking power to climb the next levels, we have Bleau Biceps. You learn how to increase your strenght with functional (aimed at and based on climbing) exercises. For those who already master the basic techniques, who are strong enough to climb black boulders and would like to learn or polish advanced techniques we have the Bleausard training. For everybody who would like to get fit for and by bouldering we have the Bleau Fit training. With this training you climb a lot combined with doing exercises which will improve the control over your body and your coordination.

We also asked yoga teacher Tinus Koorn to prepare a special 4 weeks yoga course for climbers as a try out on Saturday mornings in November at 10.15. The main focus of the course will be on strengthening the muscles around the major joints in order to increase flexibility and prevent injury. We will also be working on aligning the spine and increasing mobility of the spine. You do not have to be flexible to join, so if you have short hamstrings and tight glutes don’t worry. This course costs €40,- for all four lessons. You can sign up with the form below, there is only room for 8 participants, so don’t wait too long. 

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