NK Boulder 2011

Last Saturday, September 24th, the NK (Dutch National Championship) Boulder 2011 took place at Klimmuur Centraal in Amsterdam. During this NK the best 12 men and the best 8 ladies battled to become Dutch National Champion Bouldering 2011. All participants started off with a semi-final, in which they had to climb 4 boulders. Based on the results in this semi-final, the best 6 men and ladies went to the final, where they had to climb another 4 boulders.

During this event the observant spectator might have spotted a representation of the Delfts Bleau logo. Rianne van den Berg (5th) and Melle Vroom (9th) offered to have the logo printed on their pants and of course we accepted this generous offer! Thanks a lot Rianne and Melle!

The results:

1. Vera Zijlstra
2. Nikki van Bergen
3. Roelien van de Vrie

1. Nicky de Leeuw
2. Tim Reuser
3. Hans Busker

Photos made at this great event, and the draft logo, can be found via Photos, complete results are here
Unfortunately the lighting at the finals has made the pictures very yellow.
Of course photos can be removed on request and full resolution photos are available on request.

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