Status update October 12 and yoga workshop

Unfortunately there is not much news to share, but there are some small things are worth mentioning. There has been a meeting with both Axis and Vertigo, to make sure we all have the same picture about how things are supposed to become.

Since a fair couple of weeks I’m waiting for the landlord to start some actions, actions conditional to enable starting. Amongst others actions required for fire safety and the essential facilities. Furthermore, the waiting is for the dividing wall, the wall that creates a separate, closed space. Once this dividing wall is built, we can start building. This waiting without being able to do anything about it, results in me be going through a bad patch at the moment.

We do have something else worth mentioning though: this week all subscribers should be getting the new BLOK magazine, with a piece about using yoga to train for climbing. In cooperation with Marlies from Pralaya Yoga, who also models for the photos in BLOK, we developed a yoga workshop especially for bouldering.

The workshop is planned for December 17, from 10:00 to 13:00h in Delft, more info and a form to sign up will be posted soon. More info about the use of yoga to support climbing in BLOK number 12, for sale at most climbing gyms and outdoor stores or through their site. Of course you can also order a subscription or give a person a subscription as a present via the site. More info on the type of yoga Marlies teaches can be found on her site.
A (partial) description:

“Pralaya Yoga classes are a physical challenge to increase strength and flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Pralaya Yoga focusses on lengthening the spine, recruiting ‘forgotten muscle groups’ and the alignment of joints. Antagonists are essential: two groups of muscles that wrap around a joint at a different side. When one muscle group contracts, the other group is released.

When a joint is out of balance, the tone of the muscle groups on both sides of the joint is not equal. Pralaya Yoga strengthens the weakest muscle groups. This balances the joints in the long term, prevents injuries and let the energy flow (also to your brain!).”

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