Video: first layout impressions

An impression of a possible layout made in SketchUp.

After entering you see the bar first, then, on your right hand side the competition wall and a mushroom in the middle. To the left the ‘wall for beginners’ with a see-through to the ‘cave’ behind it. At the left hand side of the competition wall a wall with changeable angles to train on, with next to it a wall with different angles, the first part mainly straight or with a slight overhang, the second part more overhanging. Opposite the second mushroom, with on the right the ‘cave’. The ‘cave’ will probably hold few circuit boulders, but is more intended as a training/play area. There is some sort of connection between the ‘cave’ and the mushroom, a kind of a tunnel.

All walls are the result of heavy experimenting with SketchUp and will be much more ‘boring’ in the final result, so variation can be made with modules.

The layout is of course heavily inspired by the great example Monk Bouldergym in Eindhoven.

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