New: exclusive timeslots for subscription holders

As of Sunday 8 November the gym is opened on Sunday evening exclusively for subscription holders. You’ll recognise these timeslots in Toplogger with the title  ***TIMESLOT VOOR ABONNEMENTHOUDERS***, that’s easy right?

As of Monday 9 november the timeslots in the evening of 19h, 20h, 21h and 22h are also to be booked by subscription holders only. Do you have a subscription and do you want to bring along a friend without a subscription? Please book a timeslot in the afternoon or one at 19.30h, 20.30h or 21.30h.
Don’t you have a subscription but yet you decide to make a booking at 19h, 20h, 21h or 22h? In that case we cannot allow you in, despite the booking. The timeslots are marked as clearly as possible, so please check the timeslots before just booking one.

You’re considered a subscription holder if you have:
a. a subscription for 1 month, 3 months or 1 year;
b. a continous subscription;
c. a 10x-card.
Subscription holders in category a + b have been informed by mail on 1 November.


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