It’s an exciting moment, each and every Covid-19 press conference!

Due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions we’re no longer allowed to organise classes for persons of 18yrs and older. Bleau Yoga, Bleau Technique and the introduction lessons have been cancelled. All participants have been informed accordingly. Hosting clinics isn’t possible either, as are bookings for groups existing of more than 2 persons.

Groups of more than 2 persons are not allowed. Since last week you can book a timeslot for yourself in Toplogger and just one person extra. This means we don’t have to cancel bookings for over 2 persons, yeah!

So, besides the new group regulations nothing else changes for now. You make your booking via Toplogger. In between 2 bookings are 2 days and you can make the next booking once your current time slot is over. Can you make it during daytime on weekdays? others who cannot would be very happy if you do so instead of choosing for the evening.

As of Monday 9 November there are 4 timeslots per evening exclusively reserved for subscription holders. You’re considered a subscription holder if you have a valid 1 month subscription, a 3 months subscription, a one year subscription, a continous subscription or a 10x times card. You’ll have to present your card upon entry and bookers without a valid card will unfortunately be send out.
Does this mean subscription holders cannot bring along someone without a subscription? No it doesn’t. In that case you book a timeslot that’s open for everyone.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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