Coffee? Coffee! and extra timeslots

The Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden has informed us today that we can hand out to/go products again. As of now you can order a good coffee to go upon leaving and enjoy this outside. Or a fresh mint tea. Or an icecream. We’re happy with that!

As you might have noticed in Toplogger we’ll open the doors at 12h as of next week. And about a week ago we’ve added 2 extra timeslots: 21.30-23h and 22-23.30h. That’s an extra 2 hours of bouldertime which helps a tiny bit in all this reductions in numbers.

Perhaps you’ve watched the Press Conference. Dutch Government wants to discourage all forms of “gezelligheid” and forming of groups as much as possible. For sports this means groups cannot be over 4 persons, still taking 1.5m into account. As there are less people in the gym now it’s getting harder to meet up with your regular boulder buddies. Perhaps you’re free to boulder in the afternoons but you don’t book a timeslot in the afternoon because you used to boulder in the evening with your buddies who cannot make in the afternoon. Please consider booking that timeslot in the afternoon now, others will be very happy with a free slot in the evening.

We understand you hope to stay a bit longer than the duration of your timeslot. We’d love that too but in these circumstances we have to deny those requests, no matter which timeslot you’ve booked. The 1.5h timeslot includes warming up, strength training, stretching, changing shoes etc. We certainly understand the emptiness of the gym gives you the feeling it should be possible to stay longer. 3op in 1.320m2 is not much, but 30p is the max we’re allowed to have in. Please help us and arrive on time, leave on time.



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