Latest COVID-19 restrictions

Despite the fact that the situation is marked “very serious” on the routekaart of Rijksoverheid we are still open which makes us very happy! You can still boulder, but just a bit shorter than you’re used to.

Reducing the max. number of people in the gym from 72 to 30 persons has quite an impact. Most of the timeslots for the next couple of days are fully booked. We have searched and puzzled over a way to rebook timeslots in a way everyone will be happy with but haven’t found one unfortunately. There are bookings for the current timeslots of 1.5h, 2h and 3h. How can we decide who gets to book the new timeslots of 1.5h as the dates of these bookings don’t differ that much.

Therefore we had to decide do cancel all the timeslots that conflict with the max number of people. In the previous press conference the date of 16 October was marked being the date of reviewing the previous new restrictions. We had therefore decided to make timeslots available just until 18 October. Luckily this means we don’t have to disappoint too many people now, but believe us…we don’t like to disappoint anyone at all.

So, what’s new? As of Thursday 15 October all timeslots are reduced to 1.5h. Please don’t ask the barteam if you can stay a bit longer, you can’t. It’s really 1.5h max. In between 2 bookings there will temporarily be 2 days and you can now book for just 2 persons (being yourself + 1). The latest restrictions will at least last until 27 October so we’ll make new timeslots available until that date as soon as all current timeslots have been changed and rebooked.

Changing rooms and shower areas have been closed again. After changing shoes and washing your hands you turn to the bar to check-out. Please do so asap after your 1.5h sessions has ended otherwise we have to ask people for the next timeslots to wait outside (while their timeslots start anyway). We’re in this together.

We’re working hard to get everything up in Toplogger again. As you might understand, so do all the other boulder and climbing gyms. The system is trying to cope with this heavy work load and things are not running as smooth and quickly as we hoped for. Thank you for your patience!

You know the drill by now: keep your 1.5m distance, wash your hands, don’t go hugging about and stay safe and healthy. Should you like to wear a mouth & nose mask in the gym, please feel free to do so.

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