Yessssss! We’re allowed to re-open!!

Although we had reasons to hope for re-opening because of the dropping numbers, we’re still quite relieved we are really about to re-open. Timeslots in Toplogger have been offered to our sponsors last week, followed by our subscription holders. As of today Toplogger is open for everyone.

Conditions for  booking in Toplogger are the same to those of last year, after lockdown 1 and before lockdown 2 when the maximum number of persons in the gym was reduced to 30. As long as we’re restricted to this maximum of 30p you can only make one reservation at the time, for 2 persons, within the next 10 days. Right after you’ve finished your boulder session you can book the next one. You can cancel your boulder session up to 60 minutes before the actual start via Toplogger. Within those 60 minutes you’re kindly requested to pick up the phone and call us via 015 7600090. We’ll cancel your booking for you.

We fully understand you’re more than eager to start bouldering again and to give it all you got. To avoid having to use Toplogger to make an appointment with our physio Jelle Schouten we kindly suggest to check the article of re-starting climbing in a safe way. It’s in Dutch but Google Translate will help you out:  De Klim.Site

No drinks afterwards yet, unless you want a coffee/tea to go, so the terrace area is temporarily a sales area. Climbing clothes by ABK, Chillaz, FiveTen, Charko as well as E9 for just a couple of euros. Did you have the chance to visit us during our climbing shoes sale? No worries! we still got plenty left. We’re happy to advise what shoe fits you best.

See you soon!

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