Re-opening per Wednesday 19 May???

Sponsors and subscription holders have received an email with all the details on bookings via Toplogger. As we’re very gratefull for their financial support and loyalty they get to book first. Per Monday afternoon 17 May timeslots will be open for everybody.

IF we’re allowed to re-open per 19 May, we’ll open our doors a little earlier than on a regular Wednesday. First boulderers will enter the gym at 10h. As there’s no setting day on Friday 21 May we’ll open that day at noon instead of 16h.

You probably recall all the covid-19 measurements we had to apply after lockdown 1 and before lockdown 2. The most important ones are:
* do you or does any member of your household show any symptomes related to corona? cancel your booking and stay home;
* have you or has any member of your household been tested positive on covid-19? cancel your booking and stay home, even if you don’t show any symptoms and feel fit as a fiddle;
* desinfect your hands upon entrance and wash your hands thoroughly and regurarly between bouldering;
* changing rooms are closed, so you arrive in your sportclothes and just need to change into your climbing shoes;
* you wear a facemask upon entering the gym and during your changing of shoes. The facemask can come off as soon as you’re ready for bouldering and will go up again as soon as your bouldering time is over;
* the use of (liquid) chalk is mandatory, preferably not the transparant kind. Use a proper chalk bag or a bottle, not a bag of chalk;
* are you 18yrs or 18+? you can join another 18yrs or 18+ but are not allowed to group up with more than 1 other person;
* should you experience covid-19 symptoms days after your bouldering sessions resulting in a positive test? Please inform us straight away via email in order for us to inform other visitors that were at the gym during your visit.

Fingers crossed we all see each other again very soon!

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