FAQ’s re. bouldering during covid-19

Q: Can I come along for a spontaneous boulder session?
A: No, unfortunately you cannot. Booking is required via Toplogger. Right now it’s the only way we now for sure we can maintain the maximum number of persons in the gym.

Q: Can I come in earlier than the booked timeslot?
A: To avoid queues we kindly request you to be there no sooner than a couple of minutes before the start of your timeslot.

Q: I want to make a booking for 2 persons, how does this work?
A: Temporarily you can just book for yourself, your partner needs to make his/her own booking. Why you wonder? Well, we’ve discovered that quite some customers use multiple accounts and book for themselves and for their buddy, whilst the buddy books for them too. This way they can easily book 3 timeslots per week while you can’t seem to find a spot. We do hope we can solve this matter together with Toplogger soon. As of Saturday 26 June you can book for 2 again.

Q: There’s a timeslot free tonight, what’s about that last minute bookings option?
A: Timeslots open 59 min before the start of that timeslot. You can then book that timeslot regardless your previous or future booking in Toplogger. As of Saturday 26 June you can book open timeslots 2h before the start of that timeslot. Furthermore you can book any timeslot in the afternoons (Mo-Th 12-17h) without any effect on previous or future bookings.

Q: Toplogger says I cannot book the desired timeslot due to the 3 day rule, but it has been 3 days! What’s gone wrong?
A: Toplogger cannot “think” in days, it’s designed to “think” in hours. If your previous timeslot was on Monday 21h and you’d like to book Thursday 20h it will refuse your booking and only accept a booking for a timeslot as of 21.15h. As of Saturday 26 June there will be just 1 day in between 2 bookings. You can make 3 bookings ahead.

Q: Until what moment can I check-in for my timeslot?
A: You can check in until 30 minutes before the end of your timeslot. The end of your timeslot isn’t prolonged when you enter late.

Q: Due to traffic/work/covid-19 symptoms I’m not able to use my timeslot today. What do I do?
A: You can cancel your timeslot yourself until an hour on beforehand. For cancellations within the hour you’ll have to contact us by phone (0157600090).

Q: I’m afraid it will be too busy in the gym to remain the 1.5m distance easily, am I too worried?
A: With 50p max in the gym the gym is quite empty. Remember those days when we had 120p in? So yes, it’s quite easy to remain your distance. There are markings on the floor to help everyone out. On the wall you’re already used to keep at least 2.5m from the next climber, so you’re safe there too. As of Saturday 26 June the maximum number of persons in the gym will go up to 80, including terrace. With that number we haven’t yet reached our maximum capacity but this number enables us all to get used to a bigger crowd while still maintaining that 1.5m.

Q: Can I bring my child along, even if he/she won’t be bouldering?
A: The maximum number of persons allowed in applies to persons, no matter their age. So your toddler cannot come along if you were considering leaving him/her at the table with a book/toy/tablet for entertainment. If your child wants to boulder as well you make 2 bookings and the both of you will have an enjoyable time. If your child doesn’t boulder, please don’t bring him/her not along yet and wait for the next “versoepelingen”. As soon as we can host more people and have a terrace again, you can bring your toddler with you (still need to book him/her a spot!).

Q: Do I need to wear a facemask in the gym?
A: Yes you do. Wearing a facemask is mandatory in public areas and this applies to the gym as well. You wear your facemask upon entry and as soon as you’ve changed shoes and put your bag/jacket/shoes in a blue closet, you can take your facemask off. You don’t have to wear a mask when you’re bouldering. Should you need to use the toilet in between bouldering, you put your facemask on again. Same applies for consulting the bar. It might feel a bit overdone wearing that facemask for just a couple of minutes, but it’s mandatory due to governmental covid-19 restrictions. If a BOA observes a person entering or leaving the gym without a facemask we’ll get a fine of €4000. As of Saturday 26 June wearing facemasks in sports facilities is no longer mandatory!

Q: I have forgotten to bring my facemask, can’t I come in?
A: Fortunately we sell facemasks. You can purchase one with DB-logo (sustainable and washable) or a disposable single use one.

Q: Can I make use of the changing room and/or shower?
A: As of Sa 5 June the changing rooms are open, but limited. Due to the 1.5m rule only 3p are allowed in the ladies changing room and 5p in the mens changing room. Waring a face mask whilst changing clothes is mandatory. You can take the face mask off once you’ve left the changing room and have put your belongings in a blue closet. Please change clothes at home, so you just need to change into your climbing shoes upon arrival. This way people who come in straight from work in their business outfit can use the changing room.

Q: Can I buy a drink or a snack?
A: Until Saturday 5 June we can only serve drinks and snacks to go. Water, sportdrink, coffe, tea, fruit and crisps are available. Serving beer to go is not allowed, but it’s just a matter of days before you can enjoy a delicious beer after your bouldering session (within your timeslot though). The bar is open to 22h (we wish it could be longer, but government has decided this is it for now). As of Saturday 26 June the bar is opened until 23.30h. The gym closes at 23.45h.

Q: Do you still rent out climbing shoes?
A: Yes! We desinfect the climbing shoes after use and rent them out again 24h later. All sizes are available.

Q: Can I use my sneakers for bouldering?
A: Regular sneakers that have been used outdoors are not allowed on the mats and walls. Clean indoor sport shoes that you use for aerobics, squash etc are fine if you like to give bouldering a try for a first time. Bare in mind that climbing shoes give you more friction which makes it a lot more fun (and safer).

Q: Can I stay longer than the timeslot I’ve booked?
A: This is hardly ever the case. Please check at the bar before your timeslot over whether there are no shows and/or last minute cancellations in order for you to stay 15 minutes longer. In the evening you cannot stay any longer as this would cause a queue of 20p for checking out. For safety reasons you therefore cannot  stay that extra 15 to 20 minutes for some extra excercising. As of Saturday 26 June it’s likely you can stay longer on weekdays afternoons (12-17h). Please check with our barteam upon entry. In the evenings it will be possible to enjoy that beer on our terrace (providing there are seats available).

Q: I don’t have a chalkbag or a bottle of liquid magnesium. Is the use of chalk really mandatory?
A: Yes, using chalk is mandatory, preferrably the visible white kind of chalk. If you don’t have your own magnesium you can buy a bottle of liquid chalk or a chalkbag with either a chalk ball or loose chalk. If you don’t want to buy one you can rent one for just €2 (€1,50 if you combine this with renting shoes). We rent out each bag only once per day for hygiene reasons. Curious why the use of chalk is mandatory? Please read this article by the Britisch Climbing Association.

Q: Can I book for a group?
A: Groups are welcome on appointment. Please send us an email stating date, time, number of persons, age and experience. We will confirm asap if we can meet your request. Groups cannot book for weekend days. Note: the 1.5m distance rule applies to groups as well.

Q: Is the shop open? I need new climbing shoes/clothes.
A: The shop is open. If you schedule your visit shortly after the opening of the gym there’s plenty of time to fit those shoes/clothes as we haven’t reached the max. of 50p yet at that time. You can also fit shoes and/or clothes during your bouldering timeslot. As of Saturday 26 June there will be more room for fitting your new climbing shoes, or popping in to hand in your shoes for re-soling. However, if you can make it during weekdays afternoons you’re guaranteed to have the best fitting session.

Q: I’ve tested positive on covid-19 just days after my bouldering session. What do I do?
A: Get well soon! Please contact us asap after the moment you’ve got the results of your test by sending us an email stating the day and hour you were here. We’ll make sure all visitors of the gym that were here while you were are informed asap. In order to inform these other visitors we use the emailadresses that were used for the bookings in Toplogger. So please don’t use fake ones for booking in Toplogger.

Q: How about ventilation and aerosols?
A: Glad you ask! The RIVM advises not to use fans on places people can get in the airflow of (on both sides of the fan). Fans are to be installed for open windows only. The fans on top of the changing rooms are turned on again and the big yellow fan in front of the shutter in the back of the gym has been re-installed as well.
Furthermore there are 3 big extractor fans installed in the roof to ensure air. Fresh air gets  in via front door and shutter in the back and used air gets out via the roof extractor fans.
Last but certainly not least we’re using an air filtering system by VFA Solutions (Virus Free Air). If you like to learn more about the on-going aerosols research there’s an interesting article published in the NRC (in Dutch).

Q: Is it still possible to book a free consult by your physiotherapist?
A: Yes, every Monday evening between 19h and 20h physio Jelle sees people for a brief and free consult. You can book your appointment via Toplogger, it will not interfer with a previous or future booking. You’ll be wearing a facemask during the consult obviously.

Q: Can I still book a massage?
A: Yes. You can book a 30 min timeslot on Tuesday evening with our masseuse Loes Franken. You do so via Toplogger, it will not interfer with a previous or future booking. You’ll bring along a big towel and will be wearing a facemask during the massage.

Q: It’s my child’s birthday. Can we book a party?
A: As we’re not allowed to serve drinks and/or a seating area, organising a party is not an option. With just 90 minutes available and a max of 30p (incl guiding parents) it’s just no fun so we’ve decided to postpone the organisation of kids parties a bit. Bit by bit things will get back to “normal” and we hope and expect that booking kids parties will be possible again by the end of summer. As of Saturday 26 June kids birthday parties will be hosted again with some restrictions: max 6 kids and the parents need to have some experience in bouldering/spotting. All information required can be found on our homepage, under youth. Good to know: birthday parties are in Dutch.

Q: I’d like to do a bit of a work-out/yoga afterwards. Can I use the yogamats?
A: The sports protocol states that all trainingsmaterials that are not just touched briefly (such as climbing holds) but have hand/bodycontact for a longer period should be desinfected afterwards and ideally should be put aside for 24h. As yogamats won’t survive the constant spraying of desinfect you cannot use them. So please bring along your own yogamat or towel. Using the black rubber mat underneath the monkeybar is not allowed for hygienic reasons.

Q: It’s all very nice those markings on the floors and the full checklist upon entering, but I still experience people getting too close to me. I feel unsafe, what do I do?
A: We’ll do our utmost to meet all the covid-19 restrictions and keep a close eye on safety, as we also have done. Despite the fact that our society should be used to the 1.5m distance by now – it’s been the new normal over a year now- some people seem to forget about it the moment they get in the zen zone whilst bouldering. So, if some-one passes you too close by or sits next to you on a bench too close, please kindly address that person. Chances are he/she is totally unaware, but should he/she react in a unpleasant way or show the same behaviour minutes after, please inform our staff at the bar. We’ll address the culprit and make sure everything remains as safe as possible. We need your help though.

Q: There’s a spot open in a timeslot reserved for subscription holders. Can I book it even though I don’t have a subscription or 10x card?
A: Up and until 2  hours before a timeslot reserved for subscription holders start it’s exclusively reserved for subscription holders, incl 10x card owners. However, past those 2 hours each timeslot opens for everyone, despite the fact you’ve already had a bouldering session yesterday or have booked one within the next 3 days. You can book via Toplogger without our help.

Q: Being able to make one booking every other 3 days is just not enough for me. Can I use a second account?
A: No you cannot, sorry. As long as we’re restricted to having max 30p (50p per 5 June) in the gym we do our utmost to ensure everyone is able to find himself a free spot. We were more flexible about it right after the re-opening and unfortunately some people misused our trust by opening multiple Toplogger accounts in order to book 3 to 4 times per week. Therefore you cannot make the next/2nd booking before your first booking is over and you can no longer book for your partner. You can book the next timeslot right after you’ve checked out in the gym. And…you can book an open timeslot 59 minutes before the start of that timeslot without effects on your previous or next booking. We hope to lift the extra restriction asap once we’ve detected all the double account-users. As of Saturday 26 June you can make 3 bookings ahead, with one day in between two bookings. You can also book for your boulder buddy. Furthermore you can book any timeslot in the afternoon (Mo-Th 12-17h) regardless previous or future bookings.

Q: When will the timeslots be 2 hrs or preferably longer?
A: As of Saturday 5 June you’ll find timeslots of 1.5 hrs and of 2 hrs. Timeslots open up every 15 minutes to avoid long queues checking in and out. The number of timeslots has gone up quite a bit! All timeslots are 2 hrs except for the last timeslot of the day which is 1.5h. In the afternoons on weekdays (Mo – Th) it might be possible to stick around a bit longer, please check with the bar upon entry.

Q: Despite all your efforts in keeping matters safe I still prefer to pause my subscription until the moment all restrictions are lifted as I have a condition/I take care of a sick/eldery person. What do I do?
A: Pausing your subscription until the moment restrictions is no problem. Just send us an email with your motivation and request for the “covid-19 restriction pause”. As soon as the government announces the last “versoepeling” we’ll inform you about the reactivating of your subscription.

Q: All those rules annoy me, I just want to boulder in peace with my mates. Can’t you leave me alone?
A: We can fully understand you’re fed up with all the rules, so are we. It’s quite simple really, we have to deal with it or close our doors again. The Government as given us several protocols to implement (sports + horeca + retail) besides the 1.5m distance rule and wearing face masks in public spaces. If a BOA notices people are getting in and/or out without wearing a mask he/she has the right to fine us with a penalty of €4000. Same goes for people not keeping their distances. After 2 to 3 penalties the Government will force us to close the doors again. So, although we sympathise with you and totally agree it’s less fun with your mates in a circle of 1.5m around you, it is what society looks like these days. If you cannot cope, please postpone your visit.

Q: I have a subscription but haven’t had a mail about the reactivation of my subscription per 1 June. What went wrong?
A: If you’ve stated you’d like to make use of the “covid-19 restriction pause” during lockdown 1 or lockdown 2 your subscription is still on pause. As soon as the government announces the last “versoepeling” we’ll inform you about the reactivating of your subscription.


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