Dutch Law on face masks is effective per 1 December

Do you need to wear that face mask during your whole visit to our gym? No, you don’t.

You’ll be entering the gym wearing your mask, desinfect your hands followed by the checking-in part. That’s all just like the past months. Changing rooms are still closed but you’ve come prepared and are already wearing your sports outfit. After changing into your climbing shoes you’ re ready for exercising and that’s the moment you can take your face mask off.

During exercising (= warming up, reading your boulder, bouldering, brushing, power exercises, yoga, stretching and/or cooling down) you don’t need to wear your face mask.
However, if you need to use the toilet or assistance from our staff at the bar (band aid, chalk etc) you’ll have to put your face mask back on.
Once your finished exercising and have changed into your outdoor shoes you put your face mask back on and report at the bar in order to check out. As of now our staff at the bar will see you only with your face mask on.

It’s a Dutch national law. We’re not allowed to let you in without a face mask, which is a sad for us as it is for you. So please bring your face mask with you!

We have limited stock of our Delfts Bleau face masks (€5 if you have a subscription,  €7,50 if you don’t have a subscription).

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