Team Delfts Bleau wishes you a healthy and sporty 2018!

For those of you who’d like to improve their climbing skills: each first Monday of the month of Q1 we’ll organise the Bleau Technique   training. A training in Dutch but if you’re interested in joining, please inform us so. January is already fully booked, so don’t wait too long to avoid disappointment.
If you’re satisfied with your climbing technique but not yet with your strenght and stamina, we’ve got some good news for you too. The training Bleau Biceps by Wieneke Gehem will start on Saturday 13 January. This 8 week training will definitely make a difference.

Delfts Bleau won’t be hosting a competition for the national competition this spring, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be hosting any competition. On the contrary!
Friday 9 February we organise the db9 with the kids edition the day after.

Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April we’ll organise the Delfts Bleau International Youth Open! A comp for the international youth JAB, inspired by the marvelous CWIF of The Climbing Works in Sheffield. Qualifications on Saturday, finals on Sunday. More information will be published soon, but please pencil the dates in your agenda. You can’t boulder that weekend, but a comp without spectators isn’t a comp right?

And we’ve got more in store for 2018. Keep your eye on the website!

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