extra restrictions re. covid19

So, what’s new?
The terrace is empty and the bar is closed. That little pause with fresh coffee and homemade apple pie on Sunday morning is not possible for the moment. Ending your bouldering session with a well-deserved cold beer neither. At the end of your timeslot you collect your stuff, report your departure at the bar and you go home.

Public is not allowed. Whether you like to watch the performance of your child during our training or like to work on your laptop or want to wander around to see what bouldering is all about….sorry, can’t do. As of now the gym can only be entered by boulderers with a reservation.

This isn’t the happiest time but those 3 weeks will over before you know it. If we all stick to the rules we can beat covid-19 together!

What’s not new?
* you need to book a timeslot via Toplogger
* you don’t come to our gym if you have health issues or recently have been in contact with a person that tested positive on covid19
* you stick to the rules re. the 1.5m distance, the floormarkings, the use of magnesium etc.
* you cannot be close to someone else unless that someone is family or part of your household. Please bare in mind that a student household is not a household re. to the “noodverordening”!
* change into your sport clothes before coming over to the gym. If that’s not an option due to work f.e. you can use the changing room (max 3p at the same time) but please don’t leave your stuff in the changing room
* bring your water bottle, your chalkbag (if you don’t have one you can still rent one) and a yoga mat should you like to do some stretching/exercises

You find this information in Toplogger as well. In between to bookings there should be at least one day. Please respect this so everyone has a chance of booking a timeslot. Thanks!

We’ll make some adjustment in Toplogger for the timeslots in the evening. By changing some of the timeslots a bit we can make more people happy with a timeslot. By adding some briefer sessions and shortening the 3h timeslot we can make this work. It’s a bit of a puzzle that requires extra attention to avoid creating a timeslot with an overbooking of the max number of persons in the gym. The new timeslots will be made available asap.



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