COVID-19 update

Booking your timeslot on beforehand remains mandatory. You can easily do so via Toplogger. Timeslots are still 2 hours, that way everyone gets a chance to book regurarly. Drinking a beer afterwards is often possible, but please check with our bar team.
The seating area has been reorganised due to covid-19. Please respect the setting and the markings on the floor. Just want to drink something while your partner/familymember boulders? Put your name on the horeca list and check out upon departure.

The U-shaped part at the lefthandside of the seating area intends to be a busy spot. Since over a week there’s a maximum of 10 persons in that area. There’s a bright yellow sign on the floor to mark that area, please do a headcount before you enter the area. Please follow the walking route when entering the area.

The number of persons per timeslot has been slightly reduced. We starten with 60p max per 1 July and increased this number over August to 80 to enable more customers to restart bouldering again. Although we can host even more persons based on the total surface, we all experience that the in between number of 72 persons max feels more comfortable, safer. This is why we go back to 72p max as of this weekend.

As of now you can book for yourself + just 2 others. For those you don’t like to be in the gym during youth trainings: all trainings are in Toplogger now. Same goes for children parties and adult trainings. It goes without saying you cannot use these timeslots for booking your own session. If there are cancellations for a training, we’ll enlarge the other timeslot at that hour for your benefit.

Soon you’ll notice small timeslots for newbees in Toplogger. This way we can reduce queuing at the entrance and everyone benefits from that. As soon as the max. 4 newbees have changed shoes they get the instruction talk about the basics of bouldering and the safety regulations. Do you want to introduce a friend to bouldering? Please book yourself a timeslot nest to the newbee timeslot and we’ll include your friend in the instruction talk.

Last but not least we kindly ask your attention for the following: in the weekends the vibe and the dynamics in the gym differ from weekdays/evenings. More people order drinks from the bar, there are more families, more newbees, more movement on and around the seating area en our staff needs to do extra rounds to remind customers about either the covid19 regulations or the safety rules.
Should you like to fit new climbing shoes, please do so on a weekday (any timeslot until 19h will be fine). There’s more time and space then which enables us to give you the attention that shoe fitting requires. In the weekend we cannot provide that attention without getting queues for the bar which makes it hard for everyone to remain the 1.5m. Can you only make it in the weekend? If you arrive around 16h/16.30h around the last timeslot of the day we can help you out.

All of this might be not 100% convenient for you but we do have to make some adjustments to ensure we all can live up to the covid-19 regulations. Together we can keep it safe, but only together.

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