Status update September 6

The past few weeks I’ve been busy calculating and drawing, with some difficult decisions to make at times: which things have to be done now and what can wait. Been hunting for some new quotations, for instance for leveling the floor, because the floor seems to be the biggest challenge. Such a big area doesn’t make things easier, everything tends to get expensive fast 🙂

In the mean time I’ve had another meeting with the landlord for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. I expect to receive the last concept version this week, so this can be finalized.

For now it’s just waiting until the landlord has made the connections for water, power and sewerage. Work on connection to the gas mains is progressing too. As soon as the landlord has placed the wall to separate my area from the other tenant of the hall, which will be soon I hope, cleaning can be started.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a good meeting with the Rabobank and I’ve sent the latest version of my plan to two other banks on their request. Wonder what they’ll say, who knows, maybe my decision to start without them has woken them!

Before all the works really start, we’re off to Bleau for a couple of days. Waiting patiently for other people to do things I’m dependent on, is probably much easier bouldering. Until the next update!

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