September: party month!

We turn 10 in September and that’s reason to celebrate!

We’re organising the 3rd editon of the DBIYO (Delfts Bleau International Youth Open). This comp is open to all youngsters that love to attend boulder competitions and who’d like to challenge themselves with other youngsters around Europe. Category B (U16), A (U18), Juniors (U20) and Juniors+2 (U22) can join. Due to covid-19 there have hardly been any competitions in 2019 and 2020 and the Juniors of those years have missed out quite a lot. So, we added this category this year and might do so next year as well. At this moment in time there are youngsters registrated from Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, UK and the Netherlands.

Are you no longer B, A, Junior or Junior+2 and would you love to enjoy the 30 qualification boulders set by the setters team led by Jacky Godoffe? Have we got news for you: you can! Right after the qualifications we organise the db9 XL, that’s Saturday 24 September as of 14h until 17u. No registration needed, just make sure you’re there on time. It’s your only chance to try all these boulders as the setters team will take quite some out Saturday evening in order to set the boulders for the finals. You’ve got 1 chance, don’t miss it! All DBIYO boulders will be taken out the days after the finals and replaced by regular circuit boulders.

Due to the last preparations the gym will not be open Friday 23 September.
During the DBIYO only competitors are allowed to climb, no regular visitors, except for those attending the db9 XL on Saturday afternoon.

During the DBIYO weekend we have a sale on behalf of  Climbers Against Cancer (CAC). Not just CAC-clothing at reduced prices, but also a massive sale of 2nd hand climbing gear such as chalkbags, brushes, waterbottles etc. All benefits are for CAC!
We’ll also have a sale of Five Ten climbing shoes, specifically the models Five Ten no longer produces (such as Anasazi Pro).

Is that all? Nope, we have more in store so stay tuned!
Does the brand Unparallel ring a bell yet?

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