Horeca re-opens

However, we do need to close the horeca at 22h (meaning: the terrace should be empty). You can order your drinks until 21.30h at the bar providing there is a free table. Restrictions for horeca are: 1.5m distance and seated only. We had to re-arrange the terrace again, so there are some seats less than you’re used to. But hey, there’s still plenty of room to enjoy that coffee/beer/pizza etc. Please surpress your urge to re-arrange the seating area to join your friends table, thank you!

All other restrictions still apply:
*as of 13yrs you wear a facemask upon entry until the moment you’re ready for bouldering. In the changingrooms, toilets and whilst visiting the bar you’ll be wearing a facemask too.
*as of 18yrs you show your CTB&ID upon entry
*you book a timeslot via Toplogger on beforehand

As the 1.5m distance is not yet lifted we stick to booking on beforehand. It has proven to help avoiding long queues at the check-in and check-out, and therefore helps keeping your distance.

Should you be concerned about the ventilation and/or aerosols watching the crowd in the evenings and week-ends: we have 2 ventilation systems one of which is a VFA-system (Virus Free Air). So no worries there!


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