End of lockdown 3

We’re over the moon we can host you again!

You still need to make a reservation on beforehand and will need to wear a facemask upon entry up and until the moment you’re ready for bouldering.
If you’re 18yrs or over you need to show your CoronaToegangsBewijs (CTB) + ID-card.
Horeca is closed but you can order a coffee to go just before your bouldering session and drink it outside on the bench.

We’ve given our sponsors a bit of a head start for booking the most popular timeslots. And you all benefit from extra opening hours: we open up at 11h on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Saturdays and Sundays will give more options to early birds as we’ll open at 9h.

The developer of the Kabeldistrict area is putting quite some effort in making the area greener, something we’re very happy with. However, this has consequences for you as the parking lot has partly been transformed in a park during lockdown 3 without putting up signs in order for you to find the alternative new parking. So, if you get to us by car make sure you take the entry on your right hand side. You enter the premisses between the Praxis and the big sign “KABELDISTRICT” and drive straight to the gate towards the big new parking. After parking you walk the way you used to drive by car towards our entrance. The new parking is quite bigger, so that’s good news.


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