Happy New Year!

Please note in your agenda: the next db9 is scheduled for Friday evening 9 February!
And in March, to be precise, on 23 and 24 March, we organise the 5th edition of the DBIYO. A lustrum which we’ll combine with a db9 XL on Saturday afternoon 23 March. Please note this too in your agenda.

Several changes have impact per January, whether we like it or not. Costs keep rising, from rent to energy, from salary to taxes on beer and beverages. Unfortunately this has impact on our prices. The entrance fee will rise per 1 January, as will subscription fees. Prices of beer and beverages will rise a bit later, we’ll have to wait for the new pricelists of our suppliers. The fees for the current subscription holders will rise per 1 February. They will receive an information mail early January including some new benefits.
Bare in mind: if you purchase a 10x card before 1 January you save yourself €9. There’s no end date on a 10x card, you can buy even 2 or more should you like to save money.

If the rise of the subscription fee disables you to continue bouldering, please contact us. For years we’ve been connected to the Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur  This fund enables kids under 18 to enjoy sport. The city council of Delft is in the midst of setting up a new fund that will enable adults of 18 and 18+ to enjoy sport as well. We’ve already signed up, as soon as this fund is active you can apply. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

And then there is the new law on paper cups. The government had decided to ban all paper cups per 1 January, whether or not you have joined a recycle program (as we have). It’s not yet sure if this law will be applied per 1 January as the discussion within the Tweede Kamer is ongoing. We are currently investigating alternatives. If you’re already customed to bring your own cup to your work or Uni, feel free to do so at your favourite gym too.

We’re looking forward to seeiing you quite a lot in 2024!


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