Bouldering with headphones

More often we see people wearing earbuds or headphones entering the gym completely unaware of their surroundings. There’s hardly any contact upon registration and no response to questions from our staff member. At this point the staff member will kindly request to put out/off the music device with the remark that bouldering with earbuds or headphones is not allowed.

Sometimes this remark is ignored, sometimes someone is unaware of this restriction and puts the earbuds in after changing clothes and starts climbing with them. There have been moments already that climbers with earbuds caused a risky situation or bothered other climbers completely unaware whilst listening to a podcast or music. Due to these reports by other climbers we are more alert for these situations and we have noticed that it’s sometimes quite hard to get in touch with those climbers. After calling someone a couple of times, without getting any response, we touch someone on the shoulder. Hilarious as it may seem, sometimes the climber makes as he/she is completely in his/her own world and didn’t see/hear the staff member at all. The moral of the story: be aware of you surroundings and don’t put yourself nor other climbers to any risk by shutting yourself of of the outside world. Wearing of earbuds or headphones is not permitted whilst bouldering.

During warming up, cooling down, exercising on the hangboards etc. it is perfectly fine to use your earbuds.

Do you want to use noise cancelling earbuds because you’re overstimulated? Or because you’re recovering from a burn-out f.i.? Unfortunately it’s not visible for others what you’re wearing and why, and therefore it becomes unclear who gets to wear them and who don’t. However, what we can offer is looking for a better, more quiet moment for you to boulder.

If the gym is not yet busy, right after opening hours on Mo – Th we’re happy to adjust the music incl the volume as long as you make this request clear at the bar upon entry. This also gives us an insight in the number of people with this request which will enable us to look into the options for organising special hours. Special hours with soft music, low volume, no noisy clinics and overstimulated people like yourself.

So, if you would benefit from such moments please indicate this at the bar. For now we advise you to come in the early hours after opening (12-14.30h) Mo – Th, or Saturday morning during yoga class.



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