End of lockdown…..

In the 1st lockdown we closed our doors per 15 March. In this 2nd lockdown we hope to reopen the doors per 15 March. We have been closed for 30 weeks in one year. THIRTHY weeks, sheer madness isn’t it?

We are incredibly grateful for all our supporters. We are also very happy we can pay them a tiny bit back via our online training sessions.

Currently we’re renovating and renewing our matts. You’ll have to be carefull with your first couple of landings, but you’ll have to be that anyway as you might have grown out of style a bit. Should you like to go bouldering outdoors in Schiedam or Rotterdam (Blok op Zuid) you’ll need a crashpad. There’s limited stock left so give a shout if you want to buy one. You can make your choice and purchase upon appointment.

Have you had your climbing shoes resoled via us and haven’t you collected them yet? Please do asap. Send us a message stating the preferred date for collecting them and we’ll make sure your shoes are ready to be collected. Just pick a timeslot from Monday to Friday between 10 and 18h. Would you like to have your shoes resoled? Make your choice of rubber via Zapatos Climbing and contact us for an appointment.  We’ll be shipping a box on/around Fr 5 March and there’s room left for 4 pairs.

Hang in there…..we hope to see you soon!


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