The gym re-opens Mo 22 March….the shop that is.

The current lockdown ends per 30 March. Right now it’s not yet certain if this means you can visit us for a good old fashioned boulder session right after that date. We certainly hope to see you soon!

Meanwhile you can make an appointment via Toplogger for a shopping session (select shop!). This is the moment to drop by for a dynaband, a chalkball, that birthdaypresent, new climbing shoes or a crash pad. Dropping your climbing shoes of for resoling is also possible, you’ll have them back before re-opening. Are you climbing shoes already resoled but haven’t you picked them up yet? Please do so now.
This is a perfect opportunity to sneak peak our new matting ; )

Book your appointment via Toplogger, make sure you’re there on time and don’t forget to bring (and wear) your face mask.

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