db9, db9 kids and slideshow with Bart van Raaij

Friday 2 December it’s db9 time! Youth A & Juniors are welcome to join the adult edition of our local comp. Our setters will adjust the comp boulders on Saturdaymorning 3 December for the db9 kidsedition. This edition is for Youth BCD only and will start at 10h and end at 12h. Right after the kidsedition all adjustments will be removed and after that everyone can give them a try.
Starttime Friday evening: 19h. End time (bouldering) is 22.30h and while you enjoy your beer and our free popcorn to go with that, we’ll do our best to process all scoreforms asap.
Kids edition on Saturday starts at 1oh and ends at 12h.

Back in 2020, pre covid-19, we hosted Bart van Raaij with his slide show “klimmen van 1986-2000”. This event was well visited and Bart intented to organise a follow-up, which plan had to be postponed for obvious reasons. The original slide show will be presented Saturday 10 December at 19h and the follow-up is scheduled for Saturday 21 January 2023. No entrance fee but you will have to register soon. Keep an eye on our socials!

Sunday 11 December the gym will close one hour earlier, bar included. This evening we’ll take out our full staff for a Christmas dinner. And speaking of Christmas: as every year the gym is closed both Christmas as Boxing Day (25 & 26 December). In the first week of the holidays, Tu 27 up and until Friday 30 December, we open up earlier! That week you’re welcome as of 10h instead of 12h (or 16h as that’s the regular opening hour on Fridays). New Years Day the gym is closed as well.

Posters of all the events coming up will be up on the communication boards in the gym. You’ll find them on our socials as well. And you might already have tumbled over this board:


voor in je agenda!



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