DBIYO: what does it mean for non-competitors?

Sunday 19 March the competition wall will be stripped and cleaned.
The international IFSC routesetters Jacky Godoffe and Christophe Cazin will arrive on Monday and will conjure a setting plan for the DBIYO. Which type of boulder with which gradation will be set where? Stickers will appear on the wall, a lot of walking around and making climbing gestures together with our HRS Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen.

Once the thinking part is done, it’s time for setting which start on Tuesday morning and end on Friday evening. Apart from the boulders for the finals they will also set 30 qualification boulders througout the gym. Our regular setters Jesse Pauw and Don van Laere will join Jacky, Christophe and Michiel for setting the qualis.

The gym will be closed on Friday 24 March for the last minute preps. And as of Monday 20 March there will be less boulders (about 2 to 3 per grade) which makes the gym feel crowdier than usual. The good news is you can enjoy the 30 qualification boulders during the db9 XL Saturday afternoon 25 March. This will be your only chance as the main part of these qualification boulders will be taken out in order to make space for the boulders for the finals or just because they’re in the way of the regular boulders.

Don’t miss this unique chance of trying these 30 boulders! More details on the db9 XL page.


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