db9! 24 – 26 September

The db9 starts Friday evening 24 November at 19h. You simply book a timeslot in Toplogger “exclusief voor db9 deelnemers” and will be handed a scoreform and pen upon arrival. There will be 20 boulders this time, instead of the regular 14. Per boulder you have 9 attempts, like you’re used to, but the boulders will be spread over the gym in order to avoid uncomfortable crowdy situations.

Can’t you make it on Friday evening? No worries, there are also db9 competition slots on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.
Not interested in the comp, just in a good bouldering session? There are also timeslots available for non-competitors.

This will be the first db9 set with boulders which grades are easy to reckognise. The color of the boulder corresponds with the color of our circuit. You’ll have 2 pink boulders (level 4/4+), 2 mint (level 5), 2 orange (5+) etc. up to purple (7b). There are also 5 mystery white boulders, level unknown until you try. Per competition timeslot you have 2.5hrs for topping all the boulders. At the end of your timeslot you hand in your card and we’ll communicate who the winners are Sunday evening.

Saturday morning 25 September is exclusively reserved for Youth BCDE. As of 14h you can book your (non) competition slots. Youth A and Juniors can choose any competition timeslot they like, except for the Saturday morning slots.

There’s no extra fee for the competition, you just pay the regular entrance fee!

During the press conference of 14 September it has been announced that the 1.5m distance rule will be lifted per 25 September. However, to avoid a crowd because of the competition booking via Toplogger is still required both the 25th and 26th. We hope to end the Toplogger bookings asap but at this moment in time there’s no new Sport Protocol available yet. For now the horeca rules seem to be applicable to sportsfacilities meaning you’ll need to show your QR-code or negative test if you want to order a drink. As you don’t need a QR-code for entering the gym this is quite a weird situation.
Negociations with the Ministery VWS is ongoing and we hope a workable solution will be presented asap. Please don’t let that keep you from booking your Toplogger db competition timeslot! The competition timeslots are unrestricted.

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