Bleau Technique, kids birthdayparties and db9

In the anniversary weekend of 24 up and until 26 September we’ll organise a db9 in a bit different way. The competition will last during the whole weekend, but the competition boulders are exclusively reserved for Youth CDE on Saturday morning. There will be more competition boulders than you’re used to but the 9 attempts stay.

In the press conference of 14 September the new covid-19 regulations will be announced. Rumour has it that the 1.5m distance rule will be lifted per 25 September. It’s not yet clear if testing for entry will be applicable to indoor sports (competitions). So, we’ll have to wait a bit with dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s regarding the db9. Keep an eye on our website and/or our social media channels.

We’re fully booked for kids birthdayparties for the rest of 2021. The first one you can book will be in January 2022.

The training Bleau Technique has started again, which is ever so nice after such a long period! All trainings that had to be cancelled due to the lockdown will be rescheduled. All subscribers have had an email, we’re waiting the replies to set the dates. The next months we’ll host the Bleau Technique trainings not only on Mondays and Thursdays but also on Tuesdays. This way we hope to get everyone of the waiting list a spot asap. Are you interested in taking this training? Please fill out the form and you might be able to join in November!




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