This year starts with new prices due to the tax raises. The entrance fees will be raised per 1 February 2019, other new prices are valid as of today.

The NKBV (Nederlandse Klim-en Bergsport Vereniging) has published the calendar for the national competition last month (only available in dutch wedstrijdkalender). Should you intend competing this year, you might want to put 2 February for Boulder 1 at Monk Rotterdam and 8 February for db9 in your calendar.

The Bleau Technique Training starts per 7 January (dutch edition, if you like to join an English edition please send us a message and as soon as we have 4 applicants we’ll schedule an English edition of the training) and the Bleau Fit Training continues per Thursday 3 January.  Do you want to train harder? Please apply for the Bleau Biceps in combination (optional) with Bleausard. The dates for these trainings will be published soon which also applies for Yoga by Tinus Koorn.

Young climbers: for Youth JAB we’re organising the DBIYO on 30 & 31 March 2019. This second edition promisses to be a busy one as competitors from outside Europe already have registered! The competition is set up for Youth JAB, for Youth C (2nd years C) we’ll look into the option of letting them join as well (on dispensation request). This will depend on the number of competitors Youth JAB.

It is going to be a very nice year!

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