End of covid-19 measures and db9

Per Friday 25 February the 1.5m distance rule is no longer applicable. Feels a bit weird doesn’t it? We will keep using Toplogger as our booking system for all timeslots after 17h on weekdays and all timeslots in the week-ends. If you step in on a weekday before 17h you don’t need to book, otherwise you still do.

Quite some customers have stated they’re not looking forward towards seeiing the pre covid-19 crowds in the evening. We’ve taken this in consideration and have therefore decided to stick to the reservations for a bit longer. Timeslots are adjusted, you should be able to find yourself a spot and if you don’t, you know it’s too busy.

With the end of all restrictions it’s time to organise a competition again! Save the date: db9 on Friday night 25 March, with the usual kids edition on Saturday 26 March. We’re really looking forward to this!


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