Status update June 3

This week was another short working week, the last one for now, next week will be the first full week. Still, there has been a lot of work done this week and a big part of the wall was built. The first slab part of the wall has now been built too.

Another big part of the wall built this week!

To be able to run SketchUp during the built process, Frank from The 7 Adventures, responded to our request on Facebook and offered a laptop to use during the building, thanks Frank!

Thanks Dick, Hans, Ineke, Ronald, Sytse and Yvette for helping this week! And thanks to all the people that came by to watch the progression live.

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2 Responses to Status update June 3

  1. Allert says:

    Nice! Wat is de planning eigenlijk? Wanneer willen jullie opengaan?