Status update august 3 ’11

This update is a bit later as planned, which makes it a long story.

Last weeks were busy: inviting offers for foam and cloth for the mats based on info from Monk (thanks Joris), brainstorming on the interior design and the layout of the climbing walls.
Most proposals are in already and the total costs are becoming more clear, which in turn is important for the story towards the bank. This means I can finish the story and submit it to the bank at the end of this week for another assessment.

Preparations for starting the company are well underway, I have invited a lot of offers for this as well. There are huge price differences between different notaries, advisors and banks, up to costing twice as much and taking double the amount of time for the same amount of work, without any relationship between the two. I think that’s pretty bizarre. This does bring the birth of the company a step closer though.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy drawing in SketchUp and getting more comfortable with it, meaning the drawings for the interior are slowly but steadily beginning to take shape. Expect these to be posted on the site soon. Made some alternative designs for the interior and discussed these with the architect.

Unfortunately the meeting with the landlord was canceled, but a new meeting is planned, were we will discuss contract details too.

And of course we made some inspiration trips too: to What’s Up in Lille (on our way to reload our batteries in Fontainebleau) and to Westende and Gent last weekend to have a look at Bleau Beach Westende and Bouldergym Bleau. Photos of both trips will be posted soon.


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