Status update december 12

It has been some stirring weeks for Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau!

The council had a meeting with all departments where they discussed my initiative again and they still think it’s a good idea and still support it. First hurdle taken!

There have been considerable discussions about the ‘bridging loan’, as the real estate developer found it difficult to not make their part of the ‘bridging loan’ part of the negotiations between them and the the current owner. And this while the whole idea behind this construction was to separate the progress of Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau from their negotiations. In the end, gladly we managed to work things out, so second hurdle also taken!

This last part resulted in real action! The work on the first phase of building the separation wall is started with setting up the columns! In the last weeks, Grecon BV welded the construction to fasten the columns. This extra construction is needed because the wall has to be placed a meter to my side, so the columns could not be fastened to the existing framework. There are already nine columns set up and the next five will be placed this week.

In the mean time, there has been busy searching for the course of the sewer, so I can connect to this. Unfortunately, the tube with the camera from Zegwaard was too short, so we only know a very small part. The rest of the course has to be found by some other means. The good news is though, the sewer does not go from the current toilet block straight to the outside as expected, but in the opposite direction, to the inside and maybe even though the hall!

Unfortunately, my meeting with the fire department has, a bit unexpected for me, lead to them having some objections, causing the current owner to cease investing in the building until it becomes clear if I will get a permit.

This means things have stopped again, until the fire department gives their approval.

This is of course a nasty blow, but at the the same time it’s better if it happens now, before we’ve started building, than just before (or even worse after) we’ve opened!

To be continued!

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3 Responses to Status update december 12

  1. Diana Ruijgrok (Renergie) says:

    Hoi Sander. Wat goed zeg dat je nog steeds bezig bent je plannen te realiseren. Ik hoop dat dat op zeer korte termijn haalbaar zal zijn. Succes ermee.

  2. Monk says:

    Ja, brandweerproblemen na de opening, dat zou echt heel stom zijn ; -)