Massage, Pralaya Yoga and Bank Holidays

Signing up for your 30 minutes massage is easy, just write your name on the list on the pinboard in front of the gents dressingroom.

Tinus Koorn will teach Pralaya Yoga once again. The next series of 4 lessons starts on Saturday 4 May. The lesson starts at 10.15h and will take 1,5 hours. Pralaya Yoga focusses on strenghtening the muscles of the most important joints of the body and will improve the flexibility while the risk of injuries is reduced. Attention will also be paid to the flexibility and the alignment of the spine.
Do we hear you thinking “shame, that’s something I can’t do as I’m not flexible at all”? Good news for you! You don’t have to be flexible or bendy to benefit from this training. So, if your hamstrings are really short you should join!
This training costs €45. Tinus takes up at least 4, and 8 trainees max. Don’t be too late and sign up!

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Yoga experience


Have you noticed that our openinghours during the Bank Holidays will be slightly different? Friday 19 April, Good Friday, we’re open as usual. Easter Sunday, 21 April, we’re closed but on Easter Monday (22 April) we open a lot earlier, at noon to be precise. If you like a good easter egg hunt we’ll see you right after your Easter Brunch at 12h!
Saturday 27 April it’s Koningsdag, which means the gym is closed.


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