Korte sluiting ivm het vervangen van het schuim van de valmatten

Our foam supplier stated earlier not to be able to deliver before the end of this year and then suddenly they offered delivery per 31 July 2023. We didn’t have to think about that and said yes, although this action comes with a lot of ad hoc planning.

While you all enjoy your holidays Team Delfts Bleau will remove the carpets/matting in order to remove all the old foam blocks on Monday 31 July. The old foam will be collected by a recycling company, good news for our foot print. On Tuesday the big puzzle with foam blocks will start and on Friday the matting expert will be here to reseal and secure all the matting. Quite a job to do in just 5 days!

For most of our subscription holders (year card and continuous subscription) there’s still the offer of free bouldering at Boulder Rotterdam.

We apologise for any inconvenience, especially for the short notice. Sometimes jigsaw pieces lock quicker than expected. So, one week of inconvenience and years of a safe and stable matting!


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