Evaluation timeslots COVID-19 regulations

Bouldering in the 1.5m society….it can be done and it works out fine! Partly because of the fact we’ve limited the maximum number of people in at the same time way under the official maximum things run quite smoothly. We’re very happy with that and it feels so good seeiing all of you again!

Based on your feedback, either in person or via social media, we now know that you appreciate booking via Toplogger. Good to know! We’ll continue using Toplogger as the booking tool. As the early timeslots in the afternoons are fully booked we don’t like taking the risk of having to turn you down. Therefore booking in the afternoons will remain mandatory for now.

Right now not everyone is able to continue bouldering for 2 hours. This is why the timeslots of 2h will be maintained. However, we’ve also added some longer timeslots, and you might have noticed there’s an extra 1.5h timeslot at 21h. Because quite some people leave before the time due opportunities rise for having a beer after your session. Please check at the bar if the terrace looks quite full, if it’s rather empty you can have a drink for sure.

Please continue changing into your climbing clothes before coming to the gym. For those who really don’t have that opportunity we re-open the changing rooms as of now. As there’s a max of 3p in the changing rooms you can see that availability is quite limited. Showers and the extra toilet in the changing rooms remain off limit.

Allthough things run smoothly you might experience another climber (unintentionally) disrespects the 1.5m towards you. Should this be so, please address this climber kindly. Everybody is so happy to be bouldering again, one intends to forget the shortest way to the next boulder could be the one passing another person too closely. We’re only human after all! Should the climber not respond to your remark, please notify the bar in order for us to act. Thank you.

So, what changes in the timeslots as of 20 July? The max. number persons in the gym will rise a little bit. Timeslots as of 20h will end at 22.30h and you can have a drink afterwards (bar closes at 23.30h).

Constant vigilance! We keep a close eye on developments as we want to ensure everybody feels comfortable and safe. Lifting regulations will not be done hastily. We’re interested in your opinon, so if you’re happy or unhappy with the way things are going: tell us!

Next timeslots in Toplogger will run until 1 August. The week before that we’ll evaluate again.



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