DBIYO: looking back

During the qualifications, the db9XL and the DBIYO several photographers took many many many pictures. One posts a part of these pictures on his/her socials during the event already, others take 2 or more days to do so and the next has a fulltime job and will therefore have to wait until next week to sort the photos out. So, long story short, it will take a while before all pictures can be published.

On our socials, mostly Instagram, we share the pictures the photographers send us either as a teaser or via a link to an album on FaceBook. If you cannot wait, please follow the professional photographers who’ve been here all weekend: Lena Drapella (insta), Sytse van Slooten (FaceBook and Insta) and Floor Fortunati (insta). The photos shot by amateur photographers will take a bit longer, we expect those by the end of next week.

In the meantime we will look into a new photo sharing program for this website in order to publish all the pictures here. That will take a while too, but we’ll do our utmost. Priority one was resetting all the boulders on the main wall and we’ve succeeded to do so already.  We hope you are happy with getting your project(s) back on that part of the wall.



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