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Just a couple of weeks to go and 2018 will be gone!

Friday 30 November we host the last db9 of this year, with the kids edition on Saturday 1 December. If you cannot join the db9 on Friday you can always give those special boulders a try up and until Sunday. All db9 boulders will be taken down on Monday 3 December.

Sinterklaas, Christmas….presents! We sell al kinds of stuff your climbingpartner would be very happy to be surprised with. Chalk, tape, chalkbags, bouldering clothes, we have it all. And we gift wrap your present as well, does it come any easier?

Lately the media has discovered bouldering as well. Obviously one could say as it is such a fun sport to do! We’ve noticed that groups spontanously drop by, often at busy timeslots and it’s such a pity we have to deny them access. If you have a group of 5 or more persons it’s mandatory to book a timeslot including an instructor. Avoid disappointment and make an appointment okay?

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