db9 and first ever DB Pubquiz

A db9 on a Saturday afternoon instead of the regular Friday night, that’s already different. And adjecent to the db9 there will be a DB Pubquiz, right after a brief brake for showering/changing clothes. Our experienced Pubquiz-team is in the midst of the preparations. Surely there will be boulder-related questions, but all regular topics such as history, sports, culture, music etc. as well.

You get to choose: just join the db9 or just join the DB Pubquiz or join both! Teams will have to sign up on beforehand in order for us to prepare the plate service (oh yes!) for each team, taking food allergies into account as well. Depending on the applications we’ll decide if the DB Pubquiz will be in English or in Dutch.

All details will be revealed soon. You better start forming your team as this is an event you don’t want to miss!


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