applepie, games and De Series

The delicious applepie of Ipse de Bruggen is new on our menu. We’re quite happy with this new local joint venture as their kitchen team take great pride in baking these pies. No worries, you don’t have to miss out on our home baked cakes or Erik’s brownies, we’ll still be baking each weekend.

Saturdagy 5 November we’ll organise De Jeugd Boulder Series, in fact, it’s the final competition of De Series of 2022. All information, Dutch only, can be found on the site of the Dutch climbing federation NKBV.
The gym is open for competitors only until 14h. During the weekend, as of Saturday afternoon 14h, you can try the 14 competitions boulders yourself. Should you like to come over to watch the competition: you’re welcome!

Our resoler, Zapatos Climbing, is enjoying a well deserved holiday. Should you plan to hand in your shoes for resoling one of these days, please note that it will take a bit longer before you have them back.


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