Status update May 28

Inspiration trip Munich & Innsbruck

During the inspiration trip to the Boulder World Cup in Innsbruck and the visit to Boulderwelt in Munich I got a lot of new ideas in the design and the organization area, no new ideas for the bouldering wall, as the one for Delfts Bleau is looking great already! I also had some very interesting conversations about holds and building routes, more on this soon.

Impression new layout boulderwall

Impression new layout boulderwall

Progress construction

All holes in the plates have been drilled, thanks to Dick, Ineke, Jamie, Jeroen, Jolanda, Joran, Mazin, Ronald en Wouter. Last week Frank was on holiday and Erwin had to go to Germany on friday last minute, but in spite of all the the construction of the wall gets on pretty well, partly due to the help of Ronald and Dick. In the meantime the first part of the wall is becoming 3D! Ronald, Sytse, Hans and Yvette have been busy scouring the concrete floor and Sytse drilled a large amount of holes for the floor anchors.

First part of the wall becoming very 3D!

First part of the wall becoming very 3D!


This week I won’t be on location on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the construction work does continue, because Dick does the honours of opening the hall, so Erwin and Frank can get on with their work.

Starting next week, the working schedule is back to normal, meaning there we’ll be working every workday from 9.30 to 18.00. The construction of the changing rooms and the bar will start next week and we’ll be working on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 19.00 till 22.00 too. All help is very welcome of course, there’s always enough to do!

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